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Lower Taxes on Families and Businesses

The middle-class in America is shrinking. These are hard-working people who aren’t looking for handouts, they are simply looking for opportunities to support their families and achieve their piece of the American dream. We need to strengthen the middle-class by focusing our policies on supporting everyday Americans instead of special interests. We need to focus on increasing incomes, not raising taxes.

I support lowering taxes for all Americans and making the tax code simpler and fairer. Taxpayers in the 8th District are struggling under the weight of high taxes, not only from Washington but also from Springfield, in addition to the highest property taxes in the nation. Government needs to stop raising taxes on already over-burdened taxpayers, because here in Illinois skilled laborers are leaving with little incentive to stay.

Repeal and Replace Obamacare 

In 1999, I learned firsthand how health care costs are out of control. One winter morning, my wife and I were at work and my father-in-law was at home watching our two young daughters. The electricity short-circuited and started a fire, causing the tragic demise of all three. My wife and I were devastated, and the pain was only compounded as we drowned in medical bills. It took the support of several charitable organizations for us to even be able to arrange a funeral for our daughters.

So many families have similar stories. Health care costs are unaffordable, which is weighing down families and trapping them in a cycle of debt. Thanks to Obamacare, premiums keep going up and up, yet the insurance plans are covering less and less.

We need to address this crisis before it is too late. We need to move away from Obamacare, keeping the few parts that have proven to work well and replacing the rest with a free enterprise system that fosters competition in health care and lowers costs. This system should allow for insurance to be bought across state lines, increasing competition in the free market.

Create Jobs and Expand Opportunity

As an entrepreneur who has spent years in the business community, I have watched as government stifles entrepreneurs and job creators.

In fact, I lived through it. After years of hard work and saving money, I was so proud to be able to launch my first business. Along with my wife Nalini, we grew the company by more 230% over a 7 year. Despite the growth, the business faced some the same challenges as many others around the country.  High taxes, rising healthcare costs and burdensome government regulations got in our way.   

In order to grow the economy and create more quality jobs we need to reduce costly taxes and regulations on businesses. Here in Illinois, it is all the more important that we solve these problems. Job creators are fleeing across our state’s borders in search of better opportunities. This is driving jobs out of the 8th District and leaving our talented citizens without good-paying opportunities.

Reduce Spending and Debt

We must reduce government spending. It is sad to see that both parties in Washington have increased spending and grown the size of government, despite the fact that a smaller government has proven to lead to lower costs and fewer problems for its citizens.

We are simply spending money we don't have.  The growing debt places an undue burden on future generations of Americans. We need to act before its too late.  I support spending reductions and balanced budgets that focus on the most imporant priorities of the country. We must live within our means.